Creating a great call to action…

Your business is the best it can be, your products are perfect and all you need to do to get the orders rolling in is to publicise it. You write what you consider to be the relevant information that people need to know and you send this out to your mailing list, post about it on your website and broadcast it all over social media. So what went wrong?

There are usually a few things.

You know your products really well and you want everyone else to know them really well too, but the issue is, most people don’t want that much information, they just need enough to get them interested and wanting to know more.

Have you told them what to do next? Often people are interested in a product or service but don’t take the next step because they are not sure what to do. Any call to action should clearly tell users what you want them to do.

Useful words to consider using include:

Call, Buy, Email, Register, Subscribe, Donate, Download, Try, Guarantee, Free, Trial, Results, New, Win, Today


All of these will encourage your potential new customers to take action.


If you want to create a sense of urgency you can use an expiration date, or the phrase ‘for a limited time only’ or ‘limited supply’, or ‘order now’ (or before a certain date) to receive your free gift.

Think about where you want to place your call to action, hidden away in the corner or below all of your general contact information is not the best place. Try in the middle of the page (either web or printed – this applies to both) make it eye catching and noticeable. Consider using a graphic to draw the viewer’s attention to it and make it stand out by using a different colour and change the size of the text.


What happens next?

If you require the viewer to submit some personal info, only collect what you really need as this can be of putting for many people.

There are hundreds of examples of call to actions and the graphics that are used to ensure their effectiveness available on the internet. If you would like a more personal service and like to discuss how bespoke graphics can be made for your business, call now!


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