How to make your customers and contacts feel great

I have been working with a lady called Sue, she runs a Forever Living business and has decided to get her marketing activity in order. This way, not only will she help grow her own business, but will have strategies and campaigns that work to pass on to those in her team.

Sue is, in many ways an ideal client. She has a great bubbly personality, knows what she wants to achieve and is prepared to spend some time getting this information together. But she always does some things a little bit different. She has a way that makes her stand out from the crowd and allows those who meet her to remember her.

This week it was just a small message, but it made a big difference to me. She wrote me a card, thanking me for my help and support. Most people don’t bother to do this when they are paying you, they expect it (and some may say, rightly so). She also gave me a small gift for the office bathroom, after noticing that the hand soap was about to run out.

It was a small but thoughtful gesture. In turn, this gives me an open opportunity to talk about Sue and her business to all of my other customers that come into the office. Once they have used our facilities, I can easily ask them what they thought of the soap and hand cream supplied.

Was this all just a marketing ploy by Sue? No, she’s just not like that. But it has had the positive effect of turning into an easy introduction to some great products.

Visitors to our offices, BE WARNED! If you are coming to the office and not in the habit of washing your hands after using the facilities, I will be asking your thoughts so it may be wise to take a few extra minutes to sample the wears on offer.

I have spoken about this to many people over the last few days, not because it was wildly generous, but because it was unexpected and made me feel good about myself and the work that I do for Sue. Will I go out of my way to assist Sue? Yes of course, she is one of my customers after all, but she is also fast becoming a friend.

So, the point of this blog, it does not need to be a highly expensive corporate gift to get people talking about you and your business. Make it thoughtful and the cost becomes insignificant.

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