It’ll Do…

Recognising good design is completely different to actually being good at designing, and time and time again, as professionals who offer graphic design as one of our main services, we are astounded that people will sacrifice the quality of their brand for a design and communication that’ll just about do the job.

Your design and the messages that you are trying to convey are so important when dealing with your existing clients and your prospects – sometimes it’s the first association they will have with you, and you know what they say about first impressions!

As graphic designers and marketers, when we create communications for our clients, we take into consideration a multitude of issues;

  • who is our client and what do they offer
  • what is the purpose of the communication and what does our client want to achieve from it
  • who is this communication aimed at and what can we find out about them
  • through which channels of communication can we contact the audience – social media, email, post, etc
  • which geographic area are we covering
  • what does the existing branding and communications look like (if any) – what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t
  • how will this communication fit with other marketing materialMessage In Bottle - marketing message
  • who are the competitors – what do their communications and offerings say and how can our client be different and stand out
  • how can we catch the attention of the audience and draw them in
  • are we saying enough, too little or too much
  • is the communication enticing and what does the call to action look like
  • is an incentive going to be cost effective and have a strong impact
  • are the colours, font, spacing, proportionality and quality right
  • are the images good enough for print or web
  • what do the next steps look like

And the list goes on……

Are we sure that people who are putting together their own communications are really considering all of these issues, or are they too close to their business to be able to have an external perspective and see it from the targets view point….I’m not sure.

So, don’t just settle for ‘It’ll do’, get it right and reap the rewards.

Written by Stephanie Jones

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