Review, revise and update

Why is it so important to review your social media accounts?

We work on more social media accounts than most people. We manage a variety of accounts across a wide range of platforms and we use social media on a daily basis, sometimes up to 6 hours a day.

Social media accounts for a huge part of businesses marketing today, yet many people and companies fail to review their accounts. We are not just talking about the monthly activity and the statistics that relate to activity, we are talking about a deep clean.



Many LinkedIn personal profiles are out of date, job roles change, the focus of a business might shift or they may start to offer new services. All of these should all be reflected in your personal profile. Even by writing this article, I have been online and updated my profile, focusing on the things that are most relevant to myself and my business.

One of the most important areas to keep up to date is your contact details, these do not have to be your work details as each profile belongs to the individual. Out dated mobile numbers or non-existent email addresses do nothing to build confidence in your abilities.


Most people have a personal account and depending on your age, location and many other factors what you post on your personal profile is down to you. Remember that images or posts that are considered offensive, degrading or rude will not do your reputation any good.

One way to limit the exposure of your personal posts is to ensure your contacts are listed. You can do this my clicking on your friends tab where all of your friends will be in a list. To the right of each person is a drop down box where you can make them Close friends, Acquaintances or make a new list that suits you. In future when you posts you can select the group that gets to see each post.

Business pages are different. Facebook assumes that you want everyone to know what is going on in your business, and that all posts are suitable for the audience that have liked your page. You don’t have the option to categorise the people who have liked your page and all of your business posts have the potential to appear in the timeline of everyone who has liked your page. One thing that you should do on a regular basis is update your cover image, this could be to reflect the time of year, a special celebration or a new business offering. This will keep your page fresh looking. Ensure all of your contact details and information on your business page are up to date.


reviseOne of the most common issues we have with twitter accounts is that they are registered by an employee and then that employee leaves the company. At this point the company has no access to their account and either have to set up a new account or try and get in contact with the ex-employee to get the access details.

All business accounts should be registered to a generic company email address. If you do not have one, set one up. Using socialmedia@ or twitter@ are both professional. If you want to check your account, click on the profile image of your account and select account from the list on the left hand side. Here you can see which email your account is registered to, and which time zone you are working on. Another area that gets neglected is the phone number registered to the account. This option is available by selecting the mobile tab from the list on the left hand side. If you have a mobile number registered and experience the issues outlined above, you can always receive update notifications to your mobile, so ensure you have a company number listed.


We recommend that our customers review their personal and business profiles on an annual basis. Social media accounts that are not active can damage your business reputation and we recommend that you suspend them until you have the time to update them on a regular basis. All business profiles that are no longer trading should be deleted or made private so they do not show up in search results.



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