Sloppy marketing must stop now!

Marketing your business is one of the most important ways you can increase awareness and sales. It is critical that you get it right. You need to know who you are targeting, where you will find them, and what you have that they will want, or solutions to the problems that they have.

Twice in the last two days I have received (unsolicited) marketing emails from companies, the first one from was from Perkbox, a sizable company, in case you don’t know them, they offer employee benefits.

A company that offers these services, in my mind, is a caring company that wants to look after people, and they may well be. But what they are not, is a company that checks their marketing material before they distribute it. As you will see from my screen shot, my team happiness did not start here, instead I got annoyed by being called %%FIRSTNAME%%. It is not a major incident in my life, but it gives a bad first impression. I, for one would not be spending my money on staff benefits with a company that cannot get the basics right, instead I’ll be looking for a reliable, local company, who actually take the time to get to know my name.

The second arrived about 20 minutes ago (a few days ago now in reality and depending on when you are reading this it could be longer), and it was the email that promoted me to write this post. It was from template monster. They say Don’t Put Of Until Tomorrow Things You Can Buy Today!

I know they mean Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow Things You Can Buy Today! But again it is an example of another sizable company not bothering to check their marketing material. They could have copied and pasted this into a word document and it would have picked up the spelling issue, something that even my children are aware of.

I would be devastated if I had sent out marketing material with either of these issues, for myself but even more so for a client. I totally understand that people are only human and are open to making mistakes, but checking your spelling and basic elements are important for all businesses.

We would love to see and hear about the mistakes which have arrived in your inbox or on your doorstep, please share them with us.


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